Redefining Healthy - Your Trader Joe's Go-To Guide

No more standing idly in front of the aisles of the grocery store reading labels, feeling frustrated and confused, wondering if something is "healthy." There are soooo many better ways to spend your time! Like getting home faster so you can enjoy your new snacks with a glass of wine and a re-run of SVU.

Overwhelmed with meal planning? Pick a few that jump out at you from each page. Try to hit all categories (veggies, carbs, fat & protein) at your meals and at least 2 categories at snacks for optimal satisfaction. I'll also be sharing some of my easy meal prep combos along the way.

And by the way, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I encourage you to add your staples and favorites. I picked my personal favorites (and favorites of family, friends, & clients) and tried to stick to Trader Joe’s ~exclusives~ to make this list a quick and easy addition to your typical grocery list.

And now, without further's your ultimate Trader Joe's shopping guide!

By: Danielle Fineberg

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