After all these months of being stuck at home, you may be itching to get in a great sweaty workout. But starting back up can be challenging. You know what you need to do to, but you are often faced with these common struggles: 

  • You don’t have the motivation to workout alone.

  • You don’t have much equipment at home, so you don’t attempt working out.

  • You live a very busy lifestyle, and it’s too overwhelming to fit in an hour workout session into your day.

  • You don’t feel comfortable going back to a public gym.

Sound familiar?

If these common fitness struggles continue to plague you over and over again, it may be time to face the harsh reality: 

You are in need of a fitness intervention.

You need a lifestyle change.

You need to be consistent.

To succeed, your fitness plan needs to fit your lifestyle, your meals need to be simple yet tasty, and you need workouts that you enjoy and are time-effective. You need a lifestyle that you enjoy being in, not one that you dread, day in and day out.

So, listen up, because I’ve got good news for you!.

I’m sure you’ve heard the recommendations — to stay fit, adults need between 75-150 minutes of physical activity a week. And no, the time spent changing your quarantine pajamas and pouring another glass of moscato doesn't count. 

But between the kids, the job, the Zoom calls, and all the other things 2020 has thrown at us, it’s hard to find the time or motivation to keep up with an effective fitness routine.  

What if I told you there was a better way? That you didn’t have to log hours and hours on the elliptical each week?

Hold the phone, Vanessa! What is this voodoo magic, and how can I get some in my life?

Contrary to what we’ve been told most of our lives, spending tons of time on low to moderate cardio isn’t actually the best path to weight loss and improved fitness. Interval training is much more effective and at SWT-Live we are doing just that! Giving you an effective fitness routine you can fit into your lifestyle with 30 min workouts throughout the day. 

If you’re ready to lose the Quarantine 15, bring the gym to your home, stay safe, and save a lot of time, then we at SWT-Live, have your back! Here’s how to get started: Click HERE and book your first class, it’s FREE!! See you on the inside where all the fun happens!


Vanessa Flores

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